What is Woxxing? || Better polls and evaluations || It's a way of doing surveys that don't suck || Assessments that aren't painful to do || Discover depth, nuance, context || Express authentic opinions || Quantify qualitative expertise

Woxxer is a 3D feedback platform for any device.

Surveys Don't Have To Suck.

Data is King. A Woxxer Survey, Combined with Your Data, Brings Your Customer Engagement to .

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data capture tool to increase efficiency and analyze your audience to facilitate better business decisions.

Instant Event & Conference Feedback

Woxxer can help you measure the impact of your event and instantly give you attendee feedback.

Content Feedback on Any Device

Real-time feedback on any device uses crowd wisdom and user sentiment to better engage your audience.

Try the Sample Woxx that's Right for You

A few of the many industry uses for Woxxer
A survey that delights and engages customers.

The Woxxer

Touch enabled, engaging surveys on any device delivered via any medium.

Finally, a survey that doesn’t suck. Our image driven, touch enabled and simple UX drives engagement numbers, reduces survey fatigue and delights customers.
Your customers aren't interacting with your brand on one device so your survey shouldn't either. Embed on web, integrate in app, display on tablet or in paid advertisements all with a few lines of code.
Buyers are always on the move. Deliver Woxxers in real-time via text, email, social or embeded. Even integrate with displays at events - we have you covered.
Actionable Data That You'll Love Using

The Woxxer Dashboard

3D, real-time, and interactive: meaningful and actionable customer data

Create Your Survey

Easy to use console to build a survey your customers will want to take.

Ask The Right Questions

Our suggestion engine and our expert support team helps you choose, create, and tailor the right questions to the right people.

Easy To Customize

Woxxer is for your content that you want feedback on, and skin it to your website or app or branded design.

Aggregate Data Visualization

See what your customers actually think: a meaningful picture of opinion trends in real-time.

Drill Down

A nuanced Woxx 'fingerprint' of each of your customers' authentic sentiment.

Advanced Data Integrations

You might have tons of data about your customers-- the 'what'-- but you don't know 'why'. Woxxer data provides the crucial context and meaning.

We're on your team. Day 1 to Year 10.

The Woxxer Difference

We don’t believe that businesses should fly blind. Our team knows what it’s like to get stale, inaccurate and generally ineffective customer data so we’ve set out to make things right. Our experience in technology, real-time data analysis and customer engagement lead to Woxxer. We’d love you to join our mission.

Our integration team and analytics experts work with your team for the long haul to deliver real results to your bottom-line.

  • First, we'll meet with Stakeholders to understand the goal of your Woxxer campaigns.
  • Next, our team will work with yours to create your Woxxer and train everyone necessary.
  • While your Woxxer runs, we'll make sure to integrate any of your internal data.
  • After your Woxxer is complete, an Analyst will work with you to understand the data and prepare to build your next, improved campaign.

Start Understanding Your Customers.

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